About King Teddy

"Which one of you is King Teddy?"

It's a fair question, and we sometimes wonder if people are ever expecting him to show up.  Fact is, we think of the name "King Teddy" as kind of an homage to the kings of swing, the king of rock and roll, Nat King Cole, and the British Teddy Boys of the 50's. 

The band's name was suggested by Mike's little brother.  His name is Ted.

King Teddy is Mike Sottong on lead vocals and keyboard, Dan Rivizzigno on vocals and guitar, Moe Nelson on background vocals and bass, and John Rowny on background vocals and drums.

Henry Jessup covers sax duties for us, but when he can't make it, we are lucky enough to be able to turn to some of the best talent the Washington area has to offer, including Chris Watling, Al Williams, and Jerry Queene.