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King Teddy - Swing for the Modern Age
King Teddy Albums Summer is wrapping up; condolences to the kids and congratulations to their parents. There's still time, though, for a couple of end-of-summer celebrations with King Teddy. The outdoor shows are free and are lots of fun (they are for us, anyway). Summer always brings unexpected surprises - last year during a brief power dip, we wandered into the audience strumming ukuleles and singing Beatles tunes. The show must go on and all that, wot wot.

No home page would be complete without a gentle pitch. You see the images to the right, don'tcha? They're not just for looking at, in case you didn't know. Click 'em, buy 'em, review them on CDBaby or iTunes as if we know where you live and have nothing to lose. Now... say our name.

Thanks for tuning in, and please stop in at one of our upcoming dates - we want to see you there!

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