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King Teddy - Swing for the Modern Age
King Teddy Albums We had a pretty fun 2014, if we do say so; lots of outdoor shows, some great crowds, a fun road trip to Florida and other points south, and a bunch of new friends and, hopefully, fans.

But we're wrapping it up and making plans for 2015, as you can see by the calendar - already a bunch of swing dances on the books and hopefully some recording and other surprises in the works. But before we get on with it, we're going to send 2014 off and ring 2015 in on New Year's Eve at First Night Alexandria - look for us in George Washington Masonic National Memorial that night, all night!

All your Christmas shopping done? Of course it isn't, but don't worry - we're here to help! The little bitty pictures of the CDs on the right aren't there just for show, you know. They're there to save you from saddling your friends and family with the same old junk from Skymall. Get them a King Teddy CD instead - you'll love how we look in Christmas stockings! (That came out wrong...)

Thanks for tuning in, and please stop in at one of our upcoming dates - we want to see your face in the place!

Upcoming Dates...