Teddy Wear

You have the Wammie Award-winning Stirred and Shaken. You have Short Stack. You have the Christmas cd.  One of you even has an autographed King Teddy deviled egg dish. And sure, you have all the memories. But is that enough?

Maybe - but no, it's not. You need more. You need shirts, hats, cups, toys, buttons, and you need them all to bear the familiar crown of your favorite local swing/rockabilly group.

That's where we come in. Luckily for the King Teddy junkie in you (or in your family), we have a wide selection of great King Teddy-branded swag that's sure to satisfy your totally harmless and greatly appreciated addiction.

And that's not all - we're coming out soon with a line of items especially designed for our swing dancer friends - they'll have a personal King Teddy touch that works in the lyrical themes of some of your favorite King Teddy tunes. Stay... uh... tuned.

In the mean time, drag that debit card out and load up!

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